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Hello guys! We are shop with great experience in top up, boosting and currency trading.

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⚠️Working time 8am-8pm +3GM

How to provide info for your account?

For provide you fast top up service, we need login your game account without confirmation problems, remember that, you must provide correct info, double check before you send login or pw, and also you need provide us additional info, check the options.

Option №1

Option №2

Option №3

• Facebook Login / Password

• Your game nickname / level

• Required recovery codes 4 pcs.


• Twitter Username / Password

• Your game nickname / level

• Be sure to turn off the two-stage protection

• Provide recovery phone/mail which you used for registration

• Google Login / Password

• Your game nickname / level

• Backup codes


Why you should to buy from Ashop?


Lowest price, as always.

We always checking price trends and making best offers for our costomers.

Fast delivery time

You don't need to wait, we have huge group of workers whos provide best and fastest service ever, we respect your time.

Guarantees and obligations

Buying currency and top up is often accompanied by a risk for the buyer. We closely follow the trends and offering the safety way for recharge ingame currency.

Discounts and promotions

We also provide the best personal discounts for the regular costomers and promo codes for the new costomers.

We are open for conversation

Any ideas, offers, suggestions or comments you can share directly to us by writing on social media sites or messengers.

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